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many of the major custom of the western weapons experience. also trade unions call for more protests in greece at the bottom and in athens approved cutbacks with scenes of chaos on violence across the country in response. to a spread in the bronx obama tells a top iraqi official by videoconference that all american troops will leave alone by the end of twenty seven made from baghdad to keep several found and u.s. military personnel in the country as a training force have been rejected despite continuing violence. and going to laos made from step into space a russian so you don't get the interest of having europeans survives on the spaceport in french guiana the key components of an ambitious european of a geisha system to rival america's national media. right now here in archie and explore tourist destination north of st petersburg a special report takes you on a trip to founded by peter the great the supply base for the russian navy in the eighteenth century and a center for the ancient crawled of
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a boat building that's up next year. petra's vaults is a city on the bank of lake in russia's northwest. saw peter the great founded it in the early eighteenth century as a supply base for the russian navy today just one of the leading centers the wooden boat making. tons of books. roger babson's turning to porn someone up until. cheesy island just a short distance from the trees of old school nothing has changed in the past two hundred years. the island looks like an open m.e.c. and. once a year it becomes a meeting point of vessels to belong to a bygone era.
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puzzle master called set up a private shipyard more than twenty years ago. since then the shop has been crammed with wooden boats even under construction already for sailing. for pavel each launch is an exciting and festive occasion. the shipyards owner is unlikely to ever get bored with sending vessels on then maiden voyage. joe average there suggest that wooden boats have been built throughout human history three this year and i don't see any reason why we should ever stop making them. after all wood is the only building material that actually has a life of its are still true. today is launching a boat which was built on the request of a group of scientists it will help researches moscow university's biological
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station situated by the whites. of son of part of his back in his hometown of. following the trip to st petersburg educated as an engineer he spent a good deal of time there in the libraries he was looking for suitable blueprints for a new project. technical expertise and the experience of a historian but equally important these kind of shipbuilding. the great founded petra's of old skin seventeen o three literally a month after he established st petersburg. created for the purpose of manufacturing cannons and cannon balls for the fledgling russian navy. however peter didn't build wooden boats here his shipyards were elsewhere. there are several private shipyards and. they operate just like the ones owned by
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the mach two calls. and says it times a local plant built wooden minesweepers for the navy it was shut down in the one nine hundred ninety s. but some of the stuff when fuz yes taken off to set up businesses of their own moreover they passed their interest in wooden boats on to their children. are we going to make the steering or. the boats quite small so let's take a look at design forty five. it is. what was my last of a look. i think for us we should take this design forty eight where it's a bit smaller the construction is the same as forty five. month it has come to petra zawacki from the volga region he has ordered the construction of replicas of russian boats dating back to ancient times the monk
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keeps a watchful eye on the progress of the work. ring will be here. internal was over that. are you going to cover it up there's no this stays open for a number of records it should be covered up. you know you'll get access through this opening. it will this be closed. that will be open you'll have a hard time getting anything through there to hold this position to los. cabos shipyard stand side by side with the wall known by victor dimitri of the st nicholas is about to set out from the pair of the arctic odyssey club victor dmitri if he's off his son alexei. don't lean over the side to reduce to strong. safety first. the st nicholas was built in petra's of all skin one thousand nine
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hundred one such boats were used by paul most people who lived on the russian coast of the white sea in the fifteenth through to eighteenth centuries similar boats to formal merchants to every part of northern europe. over the past two decades maritime festivals made to st nicholas a familiar sight all the way from bergen and norway to bristol in britain. we sailed past france and norway which travelled across the northern seed to new castle. in england we've been in swedish and danish waters we've covered practically the whole of northern europe. the ship will cover some fourteen or tickle miles before it reaches keiji island and they cannot get. nearly all local shipbuilders meet that once a year the keiji regatta is a traditional boat race in russia's northwest it takes place on the first weekend
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of oldest. them if they skip the historical buddha is like a time machine when you get on board dressed up accordingly or even just wearing your regular clothes a bit you find yourself in the atmosphere of a life that is no more. the dmitri have built his first sailing vessel more than thirty years ago since then private enterprises have sprung up going to where the filth of the first boat was called the poem or little army even though he was in one hundred eighty seven when we went to spins bergen aboard that vessel at that will get a foothold in we naturally we experienced first hand the pleasures of going to history boarded into each boat they then kind of the. film companies often turn to petras of boats ship billed as. one of the scenes from the blockbuster pirates of the caribbean beach is a sailing vessel built of
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a month to called shipyard. pavel has warm memories of another occasion when he got a request from british filmmakers. of all for almost. well into the telephone call and the caller said he represented a film company in the studio much of the oscars a bill some models for a film but he didn't say exactly which film it was going to be. shortly before the phone call powerful had read the whole novel by the british author sessile scott forrest it was cliff. the list of ships that he was being asked to do his bit for an adaptation of the book. got to go with it but he said right away though that it was about see battles cheering the napoleonic wars so were there no more to. serve even that small bit of information narrowed it down forests and forrester was the first name that sprang to mind when he boarded. the
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customers were impressed by the ability of petra's of old ship builders to identify the historical background by word of mouth alone the boats for the hornblower sequel but true built in petrus of votes one two emmy awards. it's an evolution. first. building rowing boats as well as models was quite a challenge to force whether we had to handle a lot of archive material to be able to make english and french vessels. but then we were also told that british audiences can be quite sophisticated. but they have no difficulty telling an english for it from a french one. into puzzles shipyard less than a year to build eleven replica vessels and for full scale run but it's dating back
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to the late eighteenth century. because things were done by restores the keiji museum. itself a year to complete the job and we build models with sales cannons and carvings. things board. some of the ships launched in petra's of all skin the past years are already part of modern history a museum in the siberian town of circuit is playing with the idea of enriching its collection with a replica of a boat it was made in victor dimitri of shipyard in petra's avoids almost twenty years ago at the request of a russian film company. the vessel is an exact copy of the sixteenth century cost but. so you have replaced this part here yes excellent now the blanks here please. replica was featured in a film about the legendary. the man who conquered siberia. naturally
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will sew it up into four sections then separate it in the meat section and then put it all back together in the museum. sometimes victorian pawel compete for clients on other occasions they combine forces on joint projects. one of the employees is showing the monk how the project is progressing. a song stylo good day i was a go and not mine everything's fine. have you finished in the deck cabin. but let's install the gas tank here. maybe let's put it there you go. all the other equipment has been linked up.
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like the engine control. right now dimitri company is working on boats ordered by theo the monks idea was to use three replicas of ancient russian boats to retrace the waterway that links russia to the balkans in the eleventh century. life has lost that precious kernel that used to be at its very core the joys of creation learning and discovery is but we hope to be able to revive those values by organizing what we call the journey from russia to the land of the serbs. since then they tend to me to have has built some fifty vessels the shipyard launches new boats on a reg. basis in petra's of victory is known by the nickname. some of the monks specially ordered boats are ready to test on the water accompanying the monk on his trip historical enthusiastic their aim is to reach the shores of
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keiji island to take part in a special performance. at the beginning of the season the optical odyssey shipyard that was launched to pall mall but. they had been ordered by the government of russia's
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northeast region of to cut cut which is less than one hundred kilometers from alaska. but you will not walk with wires the rope doesn't play a small. one shifted so when get in the way. the wind is picking up quickly. in the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries european explorers were busy looking for routes leading to asia and africa meanwhile the russian counterparts explored the northernmost parts of the asian american continent the authorities of chukotka now want to send an expedition retracing those very routes as a reminder of the discoveries made by russian seafarers. just some young just know for a jog around chicago and full of seven such boats he set out from the arctic ocean and ended up in an
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a deer where the boats were taken apart on the expeditions members return to their base in yet on foot. seven replicas of pomo boats a team to set out on an expedition retracing the route only two of them have been built so far. they have been tried out in both the white sea and in two of europe's largest lakes. and lot of. alexei vala boy the job of took part in both trials. at the flight was a completely unique experience it's nothing like what you're used to back in town you don't need to take ten calls or write five hundred e-mails here you need to know how to set a sail in the nick of time. float your vessel if it runs aground well with all that completely changes your mindset and even helps you to find your purpose in life or of. the st nicholas has safely reached keiji
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island with tourists on board. tomorrow one of the main events of the year because she regatta will take place. yeah hang the ladder up to the right side. seven old men from to cut are going to take part in the first key she regrets. they're building a traditional chook she cut back on a nearby island. these days to use only small car yorks for hunting at sea but in the old days large kayaks like this one were used for to hunt for whales and walrus like. this one here is a bee gaia. maxime to new and six companions spent more than two days on their journey from to cut cut to keep they travelled by train i'm steamboat the
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team had brought with them one hundred fifty kilograms of war skin which they were going to use to make a boat but they were in for a disappointment at the end of that journey from there with the first one fortunately each wanted in transit because we didn't stored properly. nevertheless the churchy craftsman managed to find an alternative. they replaced the natural skin of a common chook she wore us with plastic. kayak was ready to use a day before the race. so we turn it around no we'll turn it around when we get to the water. she is an island on lake an egg. here is a unique museum of would not the texture of the island. the collection
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includes dozens of structures some of them are more than two hundred years old. one of the buildings dates back almost five hundred years. more recent structures are found on the coast guard such as appear to visitors. but for the most part the island looks just like it did one hundred fifty years ago. outsiders can only come here either as tourists or as participants in the keiji regatta which is held once a year. the participants in the balkan expedition being organized by a monk thick to still insist on historical fun to city their sporting armor and learning how to wield mediƦval weapons.
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wooden boats and sailing vessels standing side by side with three hundred year old wooden churches strengthen the illusion of a journey to the times when timber was the principal building material here. that's another of our traditional. and i could tell actual reasoning this is because the main constructions have been made without the brilliant peasants so to make do without because they cost a lot of money here is that artists be got such roofs for instance there are piles of churches. in both houses and like everybody else but wouldn't. this is the source of the legend claiming that the keys e churches were built without a single nail in the in reality only the walls and roofs were made without using nails they were indispensable church. nowadays children play with building blocks
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know only too well how the walls were built this technique makes restoration much easier damaged parts of the transfiguration church of being gradually replaced since two thousand. now the church is almost suspended in the air because of the restoration work on its foundation. this to begin with we needed a good foundation the lower part was taken away to be restored we put up a new stance and disassembled part of the church this is the lifting system of complete with lifting jacks. it works just like this. so through the of what will this mean so the building assumption doesn't get in the way as we work on the foundation. one of the first bell ring is in post communist russia is cycling briskly to make
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sure he reports for the welcome time. these hundreds the bells and three of the t.g. church for almost two decades there are only a few places in the world where the sound of bells can spread far and wide without echoing off of the surface and it is impossible to confuse the chime of bells with any of. this everything here now is just as it was in the eighteenth and nineteenth century there's no noise of the kind you find in the city. today the bell sound as they did a hundred or two hundred years ago because they're not drowned out by noise. and the water also helps the chinese travel over long distances. trying different depending on whether the. secular holiday is being celebrated igor who says that villages sometimes even danced to the sound tells. us that this is an
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improviser nation on the theme of best of choice. i mean normally this stall is not intended for people marching in a religious procession or rather it's adapted to the stroke of an old. think that. it is only natural that chime from the belfry signals the start of the keys. thirty participants. three. additional wooden boats and modern sports birds each category has a subgroup with the number of balls been ranging from one to six. after a brief deliberation the panel of judges decides to class the two cheek kayak as a traditional timber but. one stroke. stroke
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free stroke for. the races are expected to cover one nautical mile with each boat going at its own pace as a rule half an hour is enough for even the slowest but. even over that short distance accidents still happen the rudder of the cheek brakes. the rudders come loose. rule harder stroke one. stroke. stroke free. but neither the tiresome journey the ruined wall riskin all the failed . live there was a construct the choke races they take first place in that category with a record sixty minutes and forty seven seconds. stroke for stroke by stroke six stroke seven.
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the son of the ship builder from petra zawacki has taken part in the p.z. regatta for the first time his vessel in the modern sports but category came second many generations of people to call his ancestors lived on the shores of the lake. another key easy regatta has come to an end. guests and participants bid farewell to one another and prepare for departure. the kishi rules astringent everybody with the exception of museum staff is required to leave the island before eight pm. to send nicholas to say goodbye to everybody by firing a shot from its cannon. the
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boat's crew gets ready for another voyage. i've seen people are put to the test and it soon becomes abundantly clear what sort of person they are. is notorious for its character selling that is sometimes more treacherous than an open water indeed locals often regard it as a sea how strong is the wind a westerly wind ten meters per second roger. the crew of the scent because set sail for the lake. bass in the book. are you frightened no not yet. it's. called the rudder.
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the fool they reach home they will have to cover some fourteen multiple miles through rough waves.
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wealthy british soil the sun. has moved on to the tires on. target. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our.
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minds in motion would be soo much brighter than if you knew about someone from phones to oppression in some. news for instance on t.v. don't come. tell the grayson's that kid down three is gone continue here in tripoli but the question of what next remains far from mounts are telling me i need to now wait in the libyan capital for whole. week a week we saw that he died and the best stuff to come. to the native kids they can over in mind of this relief and some cool shit that the sequence of his phone dealings with the west go with into the grave and won't be revealed. also this hour trade unions hope for no protests reset the parliament in athens approves harsh goodbyes with scenes of chaos and violence across the country in response. to russia so you.


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